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We’ve all committed a makeup “no no” at least once in our lives. Some are unintentional, some are distressingly deliberate, some are just ignorance. Whatever the reason, a woman can avoid some common blunders with a little careful thought and an open mind toward new techniques and colors.

Wrong Foundation

Choosing the wrong foundation can make the rest of your makeup look awful. Try not to purchase foundation that makes you look more tanned, more pink, or “more” anything. Foundation should closely match the woman’s natural skin tone. Anything else is just wrong, and the rest of the makeup will suffer because of it. Try base on in natural light, if possible, and get a second opinion on it. Knowing your skin type is also important. [Read More 'Foundation For Your Skin Type' Tips]

Too Much Foundation or Powder

Some of us have blemishes and acne to hide. Which is fine however it is not good to cake your face with a ton of foundation and powder. When it’s too heavy it can make a woman of mature years look older and a young woman look, well skanky. Strive for a look that flatters your complexion and skin tone, with as natural a look as possible.

Wrong Foundation Type

This will correct itself with trial and error, but some women do better with a liquid base, some with a stick or crème. This ultimately depends on your skin type. [Read More 'Foundation For Your Skin Type' Tips]

Foundation Not Blended Well

We’ve all seen women who had a little, defined line around their chins and jawlines where the base ended. This is most unattractive. It can be remedied by using a make-up sponge to blend the lines into the skin at these crucial points, and then lightly powder over them.

Wrong Blush Color

Blush should be subtle in both color and application. It should add what seem to be natural roses to the cheeks. Bright fuchsia blush is not attractive on anyone. It is even less attractive when it looks like it was rolled on with a paint roller. Blush borders should be blended well and in an attractive color.

Dramatic Eye Shadow

For an evening out, or a gala party, more dramatic eyeshadow is acceptable. However, for everyday wear, the same rule applies as for blush — suitable colors, well-blended. It should be applied to enhance the eyes — not detract from them.

Cute but, this is not a look to wear in a corporate environment:

Bad Eyeliner

Eyeliner should, again, enhance the eyes, draw attention to their color, not hide them.

Bad Mascara

Mascara should emphasize and lengthen the lashes. False eyelashes are more attractive than those glooped with mascara in an effort to make them appear long. Heavy, clumped mascara can be ugly. [Read Mascara Reviews]

Dark Lip Liner

You can more precisely define your lips, widen a narrow mouth and narrow a wide mouth with it. It also helps lipstick stay on better without feathering. Lip liner should either match your lip color, be in a neutral shade, or should closely match the lipstick color. This will allow you to use the special effects liner can create without going overboard. A dark lip liner with lighter lipstick is just awful.

If  you are uncertain about how your makeup looks, go to a trusted friend and insist on the truth, or go to a department store for a makeover. Cosmetic associates have a vested interest in making the customer look good. An unhappy customer won’t buy anything. Fresh colors, making up to enhance, not hide, and applying with a light hand are the keys to a great face, every time.

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