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Nioxin, a Proctor and Gamble Company, is a salon professional hair care brand specializing in hair thinning.  In my household, The Nioxin Intensive Therapy Recharging Complex Supplements is a daily must as a vitamin and hair supplement. These horse pills with a wheat-like after taste have mysteriously disappeared. A month ago clearance signs went up in the salon/store I frequent but the product was never re-stocked. I’m looking for a new place to get my fix however I noticed the pills were slowly disappearing.

I use Nioxin because it’s a great source of vitamins and it promotes hair growth by drawing blood to the areas of the scalp that may be lacking.

In  an Mz Mahogany Chic interview with actress Paula Jai Parker, “I take Nioxin pills religiously…I take Nioxin pills in combination with Centrum vitamins and it really works. My hair grows fast and my nails grow long and strong.”

I totally agree with Ms Parker. I have noticed healthy hair and stronger nails since taking Nioxin in 2011. There are many YouTube videos and mixed reviews on the internet but I can only tell you my opinion.

Back to the topic at hand. Frustrated with the apparent disappearance, I went to the Nioxin website. To my surprise any mention or trace of the pill was gone. I immediately and frantically searched for Noxin recall and pictured myself in a wheelchair hunched over drooling because of a bad drug. Whew! No recall in sight. I contacted Nioxin and was provided with the following statement:

The Nioxin Intensive Therapy Recharging Complex Supplement is currently unavailable because it is being repacked and reformulated. There is no health risk to the existing product on shelves. The new formula is sure to be an improved version of the old one. It will be release sometime in fall.

Fall! That’s a long time to go without my little huge hair vitamins. If you Google Nioxin hair supplements you will find some online retailers that claim to sell it. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, buy these pills online, not even on Amazon. There are ‘fake’ pills out there, lord knows what it will do to your body. Especially since the real pills makes the hair grow ALL OVER your body LOL. The real pills can only be found in stores that are on the store finder list  located on Nioxin’s website.

In addition to the supplements, there are six Nioxin systems. The 3 parts of each NIOXIN system – cleanse, optimize, treat – work together to help nourish the scalp and give you thicker, denser-looking hair. Shampoo, Conditioner, and Scalp Treatment.

I will save my bottle so I can do an extensive comparison when the new version comes out. Do you use Nioxin? What other Hair Supplements have you tried??

UPDATE: 6/27/2012 9:31 PM

New Nioxin BottleThe Nioxin Intensive Therapy Recharging Complex Supplements is back on the Nioxin website boasting a new look. Nioxin is only sold to partnered beauty salons and supply stores so don’t get disappointed when you realize you can’t order a bottle for yourself. I assume the new formula is available but now has to trickle down to the stores we knew carried it prior. Unfortunately there is no way to tell when that will be and there is no mention of the ingredients. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: 9/27/2012 8:45 PM

It’s fall. Looked on shelves… No Nioxin. Looked on the website…No Nioxin. Wait huh? The new bottle has magically disappeared once again. This can’t be happening. I’ve actually stopped taking hair supplements since this fiasco started but I’m still curious as to what is really going on? I know you are. Well hold on to your seat and read this statement…

Thank you for writing us and your patience as we work to provide updates in real time. In keeping with P&G’s founding principles, Wella, the salon professional channel, is committed to producing safe products through a strong and ongoing commitment to scientific research, testing and evaluation. This year Product Safety & Regulatory Affairs recommended discontinuing all products that contain Biotin and Horsetail extract. As a result, Wella Company is discontinuing NIOXIN Recharging Complex (vitamins) product line. We thank you for your understanding and continued support of NIOXIN.

Uh oh followed by a confused feeling quickly consumed me. Biotin? Even Dr. Oz mentions taking Biotin. Maybe its the combination with Horsetail extract sort of like Fen-Phen. Back in the day, people were taking Fen-Phen (fenfluramine Fen, phentermine Phen) to lose weight. It was working wonderfully and people were seeing results until they discovered the combination of the two drugs was directly causing heart attacks and death. Phentermine alone however is safe and is still being prescribed. One can only wonder if this is the case and if so, what are the harmful effects of mixing Horsetail extract with Biotin? Well there was no recall per say, what’s left of the old batch is being sold until all bottles become extinct (or expired). I still have one lonely unopened bottle in my medicine cabinet. I think I will hold on to this one as proof in case my hair suddenly falls out (knocks on wood).

What are your thoughts? Chime in below.


    • I was using these, and have been looking online for them. Ebay and Amazon are now charging $299 for a 90 day supply. I bought them at Ulta for $40. It looks like to me they took them off the shelves and restyled the package so they could go sky high on the price. That is ridiculous to pay $299 for a product that was previously $40!! That is price gouging at it’s worst.

    • Since I started using Nioxin, my hair, which I had permed for 35 years, started becoming curly and healthy without perming. I love it and hope the new product is out soon and is as good and the old one!

  1. I should try this product. I have issues with my hair and need to try something. Thank you for a well-written post.

    • I bought these vitamins on which is a company I trust, but I’m not sure they are the real thing or if they are working. About the shampoo, I bought it from the first time and it was the 3 part system 4. The cleanser and conditioner where in tubes. I could not believe the difference it made in the thickness and texture of my hair! I purchased more of the same (I thought) and it was in bottles this time and was a new formula. It did not work the same for me at all and I was so disappointed. To test this, I used the small amount I had left in the first purchase, and it worked really well just as before. I don’t understand why they would change this great formula unless it was for cost reasons. But I would gladly pay more for the product that worked so well.

  2. I’m a guy. I ordered some of these vitamins back in march. I went to order more and prices are through the roof!!! $179!!?? No way!!!

    My hair has grown in thicker…and darker…main thing these vitamins have helped with are acne. I know longer get as many breakouts. Hair definitely grows FAST!!! Nails too. Not used to needing to shave and cut my nails so often.

    Your article was very useful to me.

  3. Wow! At least there isn’t a recall. I have tried some of their other products but not the vitamins. Maybe in the Fall!

  4. thank you so so much for writing and posting this article!!!! i suspected this was the reason for it being out of stock everywhere because why would a company discontinue such a huge seller?? my guess is there was a key ingredient they could no longer purchase economically/legally in mass quantity or they found out some bonding agent might be wildly carcinogenic…lol nothing would surprise me. however as a person that had tried every other hair supplement there was with no success prior to nioxin intensive therapy recharging complex, i was heart broken they let it run out before they had the new formula perfected (another reason i think they were forced to stop making it rather than just choice)
    stupid me got so much better and had so much new hair growth i thought i didn’t need it anymore so i missed the whole it going on sale thing and flying off the shelf.
    its an amusing coincidence to me and just my luck that i decide i need it back in my life just in time for it to be unavailable!!
    this is galway through june and i hope by “fall” they mean “august” at the least. thank you so much for passing on that info. i googled for a official nioxin website and only found something in chinese

    • I recently switched over to Hairfinity, and while I’m getting growth, my shedding has actually increased, and my face is covered in pimples. With Nioxin, I almost completely stopped shedding (my hair was CRAZY thick!) and I didn’t have excessive acne. I wanted to switch back to Nioxin, but when I saw the prices sellers were charging for a 90-day supply, I decided to wait until the re-release and continue using the Hairfinity. I will most definitely be going back to Nioxin the second it becomes available, as that will give me the length and thickness that I want without destroying my skin.

  5. I have been taking the viatamins for years. Probably off and on since 2002 when I had my son. The last 4 years, I can’t go without them. After about 7 days without them, all of the hair that Nioxin keeps in my scalp starts to fall out. I had a 90 day supply and ran out and started looking for them Monday. I could not find them from where I usually buy them and a friend told me to go to another place. The lady there told me that they had taken them of the shelves and this particular store was selling Clinicure energizing nutri-complex for thinning hair in its place. This product is by Joico and the ladies said that a lot of women going through cancer treatment are taking them and are seeing better results than with the Nioxin. I purchased them and today was my first day and first pill. I will see how they work but I too was on line trying to figure out where my Nixon has gone. I only found 1 review on the Clinicure but maybe once I see how my body repsonds to them I will let you all know. The one thing that I already like, is that it didn’t upset my stomach. Good luck ladies and men!

  6. You may want to try the Clinicure by Joico. I found it at Cosmoprof which is a salon store. the lady had rave reviews about it and I will see how it works. It has many of the same ingredients of the Nioxin and for 90 pills it was only about $20, which is what I pay for 30 of the Nioxin. Good luck!

    • I too have been taking Nioxin for the past year and was amazed at it’s results when I began to get low I started looking again online. The website I purchased it at before for $19.95 for a 90 day supply is now selling for $179. Sorry but I REFUSE to pay that much. After reading why I can no longer find it, I am going to try the ‘Joico Clinicure Energizing Nutri-Complex like Jackie. I ordered 2 bottles on today and can’t wait to see if it works the same. I found only 2 reviews and one says they liked it better and they actually saw less hair loss than with Nioxin. Hopefully I do too cuz it’s definately cheaper!!!! I will advise to my results as well.

      • i am a licence stylist/ cosmetology instructor. Presently I work at a salon & sell the clinicure vitamins. They DO work, every client that I have sold to I have notice at 2 half months the hair was growing back in. Now the clients spouses are buying it for themselfs. Selling so much I can bearly keep it on my shelves.

  7. I am getting to the end of my last bottle and webt online to restock. I was horrified to find everyone out of stock and bottles on eBay and Amazon selling for $199! I just checked the Nioxin web site and there is no mention of the old OR the new packaging. Any updates? I love this product and would be devastated to run out.

  8. It is a great product, but the new packaging and all is out with the new price. I bought Nioxin recharging complex for a couple of years at Amazon for $26.99. Nioxin is now, 299.99 for the 60 count bottle and $199.99 for the 30 count. That’s what’s new. Nioxin repackaged the same product they have always sold and are now taking advantage of the buying public, The thing in Nioxin that you want…Biotin. And you can buy Biotin supplements by a million makers for less than $10 a bottle for 120 capsules. Nioxin is great but it is not the only game in town by any means. Biosil is JUST AS GOOD AS NIOXIN. I tell you this as a retired cosmetologist and cosmetic chemist. Don’t waste your money it isn’t necessary. Now Foods brand vitamins makes an awesome Biotin product that is dirt cheap. Check it out. You will find I am right.

  9. Okay, I purchased the Clinicure from Amazon and received it on August 20th. I began taking it right away since I had ran out of the Nioxin capsules and REFUSED to pay the rediculous prices everyone was now asking online. Although sceptical I now absolutely LOVE this product. From Aug. 20th when I began taking Clinicure to today (Sept. 12th) my hair has grown 2 inches and and is really looking healthy. I have less hair loss and it has actually helped fill in the bald spot I was getting in the part of my hair. And the price is definately more reasonable than Nioxin has become. I will definately continue to use this product and I highly recommend it. Nioxin has obviously gotten a bit greedy and therefore has lost a customer. Try Clinicure I believe you will love it as much as I do.

  10. I was told by a representative at Nioxin that the “New Nioxin” will be available late September 2012, but now that we’re in October I contacted them again and now they’re saying it’ll be available late December early January 2013! I actually was able to purchase the old version of the Nioxin vitamins by calling all the local Super Cuts in my area and one of them had it in stock for only $21.89! I sure hope they produce the new formula sooner than later.

  11. I refused to buy Nioxin at that scalper’s price (yes, pun intended), and have replaced it with Hairomega. I haven’t decided whether it’s good or bad…can’t really see any difference since I started using it. If Nioxin isn’t back on the market at a reasonable price when this is gone, I will give the Clinicure a try. Thanks for all the updates.

  12. Clinicure or Hairomega?…which is more effective/more like NIOXIN? thanks for all the info guys…this devouted Nioxin user is feening the pills but I can wait til their supposed release in Dec or early Jan. ’13…$299 is outta control. Thanks for the post Mz. Mahogony Chic!

  13. oi, since we all know that nioxin has been playing games with us regarding their re-release, lets try to get some legit reviews for product alternatives here. So far we got Clinicure and biosil. Could you guys post your results here? So far Clinicure seems like the best alternative but I don’t see many reviews on it, so I would like to hear from other people. Cheers!

  14. I tried clinicure but my skin broke out like crazy, which was really the only reason I was taking nioxin. Nioxin made my skin so clear that I really didn’t care for what it did for my hair. Hope it comes back soon

  15. Their going to lose a lot of business while they f around with their new and improved vitamins. We’re all finding out there are great alternatives out there!

    • I switched to Joico Clinicare for two months. Didn’t seem to work as well on my hair as the Nioxin and my face broke out (I am 35 and have never had acne like that). Hope Nioxin comes back!

  16. OMG thanks so much for this post, I have been searching for these vitiamins and was so frustrated that they are no longer available! I have been using Nioxin vitiamins since thet were about $14-$17 a bottle! I hope I can still afford the new ones when they are released! Lol!

  17. I just contacted Nioxin on their live chat line a couple of days ago. Now they are saying around 11 to 12 months and can give no further information about it at this time. Something’s rotten here.

  18. What’s really going on is that since Proctor & Gamble bought the company, they have moved manufacturing to Mexico and also changed the Nioxin products. They are not the same – one look at my once beautiful hair is all the proof I need. I’ve very frustrated to see a wonderful product changed and to also be charged the same high dollar price for a cheap imitation. My hair asks the question…”Now what do we do?”

  19. I, too, was upset when my beloved Nioxin left. With little hope, I went to a GNC to see if I could find something comparable. In reading labels, I decided to try the Women’s Hair, Skin & Nails supplement. It does NOT have the same ingredients as Nioxin (has more biotin, but less vitamin B), so I also take a B-Complex50 supplement (to compensate). I just started, so I’m not sure of how it works. Also increasing my water intake & trying to get more “green” food in. I’ll keep my last empty bottle in the hopes that I can find another vitamin comparable to Nioxin. I know I can find SOME of the ingredients, but the Proprietary Ingredients (the roots, extract, bark, berries, etc) will pose a problem (how little, how much-the bottle doesn’t say). I can’t begin to do that-otherwise I could get a formula made & market it myself! Hey, there’s a thought……

  20. So disappointed with Nioxin. I have been taking these vitamins for years with great results. Now my hair is thinning again. I’ve tried biotin and other supplements but have had side effects with migraines that prevented usage. There is obviously a demand for the product so I don’t understand why the company is not moving to satisfy customer’s needs. This should have been resolved months ago or at least a statement on hei website with updates.

  21. Hello everyone, I to am a huge nioxin fan. I’m a 26 year old female, who started experiencing hair loss from 17 . It has been so tough for me. While on nioxin.. I saw thickness I hadn’t seen since I was 15. I contacted the folks from nioxin begging basically lol.. Anywhoo.. Just ordered clinicure vitamins and I think it should do a good job. We’ll see. Well the guys at proctor and gamble basically said that they have no idea when those vitamins are going to be approved. It could take several months or longer. It’s taking longer than expected to be approved..Blah blah blah.. Disappointed. Wonder what happened.. Since they were never recalled. They most likely changed the already good as is formula into something else. Thing is there is a long azz approval process. So unfortunate… But move on y’all.. This one will be off the market for a while, and nobody will buy those exorbitantly priced ones from amazon which we’re not sure if are expired. Although I admit when I saw so much hair in the sink I was tempted to. Hey but grad school can’t pay for itself. Try clinicure… Should be good.

    • Sadly, I have decided that the Clinicure brand did not work well for me. It also made my face break out pretty badly. After two months without taking either brand, my hair is already breaking and noticibly thinning. I am going to look into other supplements, but also considering topical products now. I really didn’t want to go that route, but it looks like the Nioxin supplements aren’t coming back, and if they do they will have a different formula.

      • I went on line and clicked on the “Live Chat” line and was able to chat with a representative. I was told that it will take months and maybe a year to get the new pills approved. Are supplements controlled by the FDA? Not to my knowledge… but they may be taking so long to find an ingredient that works as well as the ones they are taking out.

        Sure do miss those horse pills!

  22. FYI… I am 2 weeks away from running out of my Nioxin supplements and after searching the salons for leftover supp’s from last year or (I hoped) the reformulated supp’s, I found nothing and the salons said they had no clue when or if Nioxin would be coming out with anything new. I then contacted Nioxin via their website and they responded as follows…

    “Unfortunately at this time the Recharging Complex vitamins are unavailable until further notice. We are working hard to get the product back on the market as soon as possible, but the approval process required for dietary supplements is taking longer than anticipated. For now we do not have an official statement from marketing, but it could be another several months or longer before the vitamins are available again. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

    So, I would imagine we are never getting Nioxin supplements again. I therefore went out and bought Biotin supps to take along with vitamin C, which helps the body absorb it better. I’m hoping this will be good enough. I’ve used Nioxin for over 10 years and it was a miracle for me. :(

  23. Hello! If your still in need of the Nioxin Intensive Therapy Recharging Complex Supplements. Call every local Supercuts in your area! Most people tend to overlook Supercuts as a retailer of Nioxin. So they may have a bottle or two in stock. No other salon will have it at this point. I purchased 5 bottles from 3 local Supercuts today @ regular price.

  24. I recommend trying Hair Formula 37….been on the market for over 15 years and has not been taken off the market because of not complying with the FDA. Great reviews, too.

    • Thanks-I am not really believing in the GNC product-my nails are breaking horribly, so I’m not sure of its effectiveness on nails, or hair, or skin! Will look up Hair Formula 37.

  25. I came in on the late freight regarding the Nioxin Supplement Bandwagon. Instead of getting a chance to buy it at a reasonable price, I read about all the great results a few months after it was discontinued. That led me to a search for something comparable. I read on another forum that Nature’s Bounty HSN had the exact same ingredients in it as Nioxin. However, after I bought it I noticed that the proprietary ingredients were not included.

    That then led me to research the proprietary ingredients, and I concluded that those proprietary ingredients were what created the hair growth magic in Nioxin’s supplement. Initially, I was just going to buy the additional proprietary ingredients, and add them to my Nature’s Bounty HSN regime. However, simply by accident I came across a hair supplement called Priteva that mirrored Nioxins ingredients. I went on YouTube to see if I could find anyone who had before & after results, and I found a few. What I did not like was the fact that the company that makes Priteva had sent them the supplements to try. I felt the reviews were too biased, and I do not trust that type of review.

    I found another thread on a different hair forum, and a few women had tried Priteva and liked it over there. However, some reviews were by the same people that were on YouTube. Therefore, this is my question. Is there anyone out there who takes Priteva, and did not receive it for free? I would love to start a challenge. The only thing Priteva is missing is Wild Yam, but they added Rosemary, Fenugreek and Aloe. I know that Wild Yam is great for hair growth so I would add that back in. The one thing I KNOW about Fenugreek is that it can increase your breast size. Some may think that is a great addition, but I am not a fan of gaining a larger chest. Please give me your thoughts.

  26. @nikki, I felt the same way about Priteva. I couldn’t find any independent reviews on the product and I thought it too convenient that priteva has the almost exact ingredients in the proprietary blend as nioxin. Panicked because nioxin worked for me, I went ahead and tried priteva, taking one a day for two months. I haven’t seen any thickening, no increase in growth…actually my hairloss seems to be accelerating but that may be related to me ending nioxin. My breast do seem larger but I could care less. I don’t think priteva is legit.

  27. @joyce, thank you! I’m glad at least I know one real review now. That sucks it didn’t work as advertised. This is really a bummer. I will then continue my search ;(
    I am thinking that since Priteva is missing Wild Yam, maybe that is the “magic” ingredient? This is what I read about Wild Yam…

    Wild Yam Root
    This one is just for you ladies! Wild Yam Root promotes hair growth in women…and women only. The root produces Progesterone in your body, which not only balances the production of hormones, but also treats several menopausal symptoms, including hair loss. It makes a great natural hair restoration remedy and fortunately, it is available in many forms.

    As you can see I am a lover of “magic” lol I DO do all the right things DC/Baggie/Mega-Tek-Monostat-MTG Mix/Emu Oil/Coconut Oil etc.etc. My hair is growing I just really want to give it a boost. ;

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  29. Ladies,

    Thank you for your shared stories regarding hair growth products. Just call me Suzy-Come-Lately as I am JUST finding out that my BELOVED Nioxin Recharging Complex Vitamins are no more! I have been on a wild goose chase looking for them to no avail. I would like to know your thoughts and/or experiences with Hairfinity, another vitamin that is rumored to promote extreme hair growth, like Nioxin of the past.


    Dr. C

  30. I just called the my local beauty supply house where I used to purchase the Nioxin vitamins and they said they were told first of March. They put me on a call-list for when they come in. I certainly HOPE they are not stringing people along. I have tried Clinicure in place of Nioxin and did not see any results. I am not using Natural BIOTIN for Hair and Nails but I have really have not noticed results with these either. So sad because Nioxin made my thinning hair grow and shine. Truly missing them.
    Evansville, IN

    • Jennifer, thank you for the update but did you mean to type March? March is already over and I haven’t had luck finding it anywhere.

      • I can see by reading my comment ‘why’ you might question ‘March’… All kinds of typos there, ha! Yes, they said March! :-(

        • I think we’re till being strung along… Check out nioxin’s Facebook page. There you’ll find repeated folks asking about recharging complex… Each answer is that they are discontinued.

        • I called today and spoke with someone in Consumer Relations. She said that the company decided to “completely reformulate the product” and they don’t have an availability date yet. I reiterated how so many people swear by the old formula and said how disappointing it was that it was being changed. She said that a lot of people are asking for it and she will pass on my comments. (For whatever that is worth.)

          So, I guess we need to bombard them with requests for the original formula!

  31. any updates?
    it seems like P&G know heir product is in demand so they are just going to come out with the product with a higher price…WITH NO RE FORMULATION.
    ..FORGET P&G, just take biotin.

  32. I had amazing results from these vitamins and have been eating over a year for the "new" formula. (There was NO need for a new formula.). I just saw what looked like the original bottle for sale on Amazon for a whopping $179.00!

  33. Not only have the discontinued those vitamins, they have totally changed and cheapened Nioxin shampoo. They have also deleted the statement that it removes excessive DHT from the scalp. It no longer works. I have noticed a huge difference in my scalp since, and my hair is getting thinner again for the first time in years. I had used the shampoo and conditioner for 13 years. Any recommendations on a replacement for Nioxin shampoo? Thanks

  34. First-time poster here. I have been following this blog ever since the “disappearance” of Nioxin supplement which had been a God-sent for me when I used it few years ago. I don’t understand why P&G discontinued it… perhaps it was working too well and hurting their other hair-related product sales? Anyway, I’ve given up on waiting for them to re-release the product, so I’ve been looking for a replacement. Tried using similar products (Biotin, VitaTress, CliniCure), all without much success (my hair’s been thinning rather substantially recently). Just today, I came across another relatively new product named Toji while browsing through Amazon. What caught my attention (besides the good reviews) were the ingredients, especially the Horsetail Extract and DHT Blocker. I can’t recall the exact ingredients in Nioxin Supplement, but I believe both these ingredients were key components. Needless to say, I quickly ordered 3-months supply, but was wondering if anyone has already tried the product. I’m hoping that Toji is finally the product that rivals what Nioxin used to do for my hair. It’s getting tiresome and it’s rather expensive trying out new products that ultimately fail to deliver on their promises.

    • I have tried several supplements since Nioxin became unavailable but have never tried or heard of Toji. Please report back here and let us know how it goes. The others didn’t have really noticible effects except to make my face break out.

  35. Will definitely post periodic updates on Toji once I start using it. Like most other products, I’m supposed to use it few months before noticing results, so I’ll try to update on a monthly basis. Since I’ve been taking other hair-vitamins, I’m hoping Toji will be effective sooner… :)

  36. I have just created my own version of Nioxin vitamins by just taking the ingredients listed in the proprietary blend individually along with basic nature bounty hair/nails vitamins from any drug store. Sure i take like 8 pills a day but it works. You can find everything at

  37. My first update on Toji. It’s been nearly a month (few days shy) since I started taking Toji pills (2 pills, twice a day). So far, not much to report in terms of progress, but it seems that my hair-loss rate has definitely diminished based on the amount of hair found in shower-drainage area (I know… very scientific…). Also, my scalp area seems somewhat fuller/denser, but that could very well be my imagination and wishful thinking. Instruction specifically says that I should take the pills for at least 2-3 months to notice any concrete results, so I still have long ways to go. One good news is that they sent me a bonus bottle of Toji few days ago for free (as reported in Amazon review comments). This tells me that they stand by their product and is willing to ensure their customers stay on the product for long enough to see results. I ordered a 3-month supply, so with the bonus bottle, I have enough to stay on the regiment for at least 4 months. The pills themselves are somewhat smaller than what I recall Nioxin as being, but they smell just as bad (somewhat like smelling dirt). Small price to pay assuming they work.

    Will post another update in about a month, earlier if I see good results.

    BTW, @Deanna, can you share the list of products you’re using for your proprietary blend? Just in case Toji doesn’t work out for me… Thanks.

    • I take Nature’s Bounty Hair/Skin/Nails vitamins along with Wild Yam Root, Sarsaparilla Root, Stinging Nettle, Saw Palmetto and Bladderwrack

  38. Hello Ladies….

    I’m wondering if any of you have tried VIVISCAL, PHILIP KINGSLEY PK4, or Sephora’s PHYTO?

    Really getting desperate to find a good one.

    I am trying VIVISCAL and in my first week. I will report back here if I have any luck. There are a lot of mixed reviews. The other two look more promising now?


    Getting de

  39. After reading the ingredients in Togi, I also decided to give it a try. I ordered the three month supply and have been taking them consistently for almost a month now. I feel the same as J.C. posted above. Basically, it seems like my hair isn’t falling out as quickly and it SEEMS a bit fuller on top, but I don’t know if that is wishful thinking or not.

    After about a month, here are my thoughts:

    Pros – My face hasn’t broken out like with other supplements I have tried after Nioxin. It seems to be working so far. I also just received a free month supply from the manufacturer which was great.

    Cons – The cost was high (about $100 for 3 months), about three times what I was paying for Nioxin. Yeah, they smell…a bit worse than Nioxin, actually (kind of like grain for those of you who have had horses lol), but it isn’t the worst I have tried. You have to take four pills a day rather than one. Takes at least 3 months before you know there are results, but that is typical of many supplements.

    Thanks, J.C., for checking in. I will check in again in a couple of months, too.

  40. Dare I say it, because I don’t want to jinx it. I do believe Toji is working out well for me. Although it’s been only about 1-1/2 month, I’m seeing results similar to what I remember while using Nioxin. It’s really too early to claim anything for sure, but my hair feels thicker at the root (based on running my fingers over my scalp). I do see fine hairs growing, but not sure if they’re due to Toji or if it’s just natural stages of hair-growth. From what I know of hair-growth-cycle, it could take several months to see any significant difference, but so far, Toji looks like a real contender for Nioxin replacement. Keeping my fingers crossed. Would love to hear from CC about any progress since the last update. I also agree with CC about the price ($100/3mo) being a bit steep, but if it works, then I’m sure many are willing to pay. I wonder if Toji has volume discount.

  41. Oh, I've had massive hair fall, I tried dozens of products, shampoos, but to no avail, until someone recommended me a treatment to use and does not take hair fell in addition regenerates and hair down. I said to try it because it had come to despair, my bad hair fall. All I can say is that I think it is something better in the trade, it also has a price that is very reasonable. Now, yes, I feel ok, hair is in place :) I do not fall. I bought him at the address below, if someone wants to try, I recommend it because it is the best, talking from experience, luck.

  42. Month 2 update on Toji.

    So far, it hasn’t been disappointing, but jury’s still out. One thing I can definitely say is that I’m losing less amount of hair when I shower. Also, it seems that my hair strands have become somewhat thicker, but not sure if I’ve gained more hair. For me personally, even this change has helped in that my overall fullness of hair appears to have improved, which is exactly the effect I wanted.

    Having said all that, it’s been only 2 months, so I’m looking forward to next 2 months to see if there are other benefits. It’s my hope that Toji can actually grow new hair (i.e. restore lost ones) in areas where I’ve thinned out over last few years, especially after I was forced off of taking Nioxin supplements.

    I hope to have better news for you by my next post.

  43. Has anyone heard of or used a product called Reloxe? It seems to have almost the same ingredients as the Nioxin Recharging Complex. Please let me know.

  44. Since the disappearance of Nioxin Recharging Complex, I’ve tried to replace it with other individual supplements. Also, I’m no longer coloring my hair and have switched to Just Natural products. I believe this has helped slow the hair fall I’ve been experiencing due to menopause…all thyroid and hormone tests were ok. Just Natural may have the hair products (no supplements) that may help you.

  45. Month 3 update on Toji.

    Can’t say there has been much more improvement compared to month 2 posting. However, I do think Toji is at least helping with hair-thinning I was experiencing prior to using it. Much less hair-fallout during shower and somewhat thicker hair-strands. I almost wish I had taken a before-photo for better comparison to my current condition because I feel like things have improved, yet not quite sure how much. I’m about half-way into suggested usage duration (6 months), so I will definitely keep taking Toji. So far, I can’t complain since it definitely seems to help, but like many people, I guess my expectations are way too high on these products.

    See you next month.

    • @J.C. because Nioxin was so successful for me, I always compare the ingredients of other hair vitamins to Nioxin and so far I haven’t found anything like it.


  46. I too have been eagerly awaiting for those recharging pills to come back in the market. I did some research on,ine and I believe the reason they pulled it off the shelves and also reformulated their products was because of the ingredients sodium sulfate. Consumer reports states that it can be cancer causing. Here is an excerpt ;

    We are not saying that Nioxin causes cancer, consumer protection groups are saying that one or more of the ingredients in it is known or suspected of causing cancer. In looking at that long list of ingredients the first one that draws attention is Sodium Laureth Sulfate. Several consumer protection groups have identified this as being a harmful ingredient because it is often contaminated with 1,4-dioxane. Toxicology research by the OSHA, NTP, and IARC supports the conclusions of the Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association (CTFA) and the American Cancer Society that pure Sodium Laureth Sulfate is not a carcinogen. The objection arises because the manufacturing process for Sodium Laureth Sulfate produces 1,4-dioxane. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency considers 1,4-dioxane to be a probable human carcinogen because of the observed increased incidence of cancer in controlled animal studies. Although the U.S. Food and Drug Administration encourages manufacturers to remove 1,4-dioxane, it is not required by federal law. The manufacturer of the Nioxin product line has not made it clear if 1,4-dioxane is removed from their product or not.

  47. Per their comment on the Facebook page to someone on November 6, 2013, they’ve discontinued it for good:

    Nioxin USA
    Hi Catherine – Thanks for writing. The Recharging Complex multivitamin and mineral supplements have been discontinued as a part of the NIOXIN portfolio. As the #1 Stylist Choice brand for thinning hair, NIOXIN is committed to optimizing the products and services we provide to our stylists and consumers while at the same time continuing to bring fresh innovative thinning products to the market.
    We’ll keep you posted on any news regarding new product development and releases in the future.

  48. I heard that they were not FDA approved and since they were a small company it was still OK to sell them but when they got bought out by a much bigger group they had to go through getting them FDA approved and something about one of the ingredients comes from a rainforest and the FDA approval can take a long time to get it passed through. If you notice, they also reformulated their shampoos and scalp therapy as well. I do not feel it is as good but I can't risk not using it. I've researched supplements and just have not come up with much to replace them. I sure hope that Nioxxin gets these soon and that they are still the quality that they were before!

      • I did some research on Hair Essentials. I’m glad to hear from a real person that they like it alright and seen some results. I may give them a try. I’ve been using PHYTO for 4 months and I notice my nails grow faster and possibly my hair. I just have not noticed the fullness or thickness with PHYTO that I did with Nioxxin. Thanks for the input Roberta! :-)

        • Just finished 4th bottle of Hair Essentials. I am very pleased w/results. Hair is not falling out as much and have noticeable regrowth in front. Results not as much as Nioxin, but I used those for 2 years. I am very pleased with Hair Essentials.

  49. I used Toji for four months and found the results to be very close to the Nioxin. Not as good, but very close. I have stopped using the Toji and immediately noticed more breakage and shedding, so I am confident in my recommendation on the product. I don’t know if I can maintain usage due to the cost ($100 for 3-month supply, although the company did also send me a free month supply as I stated in a previous post), but they do seem to work better than all of the other Nioxin substitutes I have tried (and there have beem several!).

  50. I have been buying my Nioxin cleanser & conditioner from, I read that it is only available thru a salon. So am I buying a knockoff? Anyone know? It is tons cheaper so this makes me wonder.

  51. This is such an interesting article, I've used Nioxin for years and love the products for both myself and my clients. Being curios I went to Amazon and Ebay an I'm shocked. Our company did just come out with a new product called Hair Nails and Skin which has 5000 mg of Biotin. If anyone is interested please call me 208-353-9864 or check out our

  52. This is such an interesting article, I've used Nioxin for years and love the products for both myself and my clients. Being curios I went to Amazon and Ebay an I'm shocked. Our company did just come out with a new product called Hair Nails and Skin which has 5000 mg of Biotin. If anyone is interested please call me 208-353-9864 or check out our website

    • Angelica, this blog/article is for the Nioxin Recharging Complex Supplements, a hair vitamin product that reaped great results but were yanked off the market and missed terribly. Thank you for offering your aid though!! :-)

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