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The holidays are the time of year when everything is bigger, shinier and exaggerated to the extreme. That’s why we were so excited to see the unveiling of the Christian Dior designs for department store Printemps holiday window displays this year! Who doesn’t love this time of year? We all look forward to the decorations, lights and displays that entice us to buy more than we really need. The immense competition from department stores to draw shoppers in it’s no wonder the decorations and window displays get more elaborate each year. Besides being pretty to look at they serve another purpose by enticing us to look closer, and excite us with intrigue that hopefully will draw us in to spend more money then we initially anticipated in a particular store. With that said it is no surprise that just this past week the famed fashion house of Dior debuted their partnership with the Parisian department store Printemps and unveiled their 11 holiday custom designed window displays.

"Dior Dolls"

The flower-shop gown designed by John Galliano , is one of  many looks created for the custom 2-foot dolls shown in the Printemps window displays in Paris along Boulevard Haussman.  *Photo Credit: Style

The two collaborated to create a one of a kind winter fantasy world, for the stores annual holiday windows. The displays commemorate the brand and pay homage to the Dior designers past and present. The designs shown are based on iconic areas in Paris and designs will be from Monsieur Dior himself to John Galliano and most recent Raf Simons. The spectacular 11 windows are adorned along the Boulevard Haussmann in Paris. The fashion power house created 74, two-foot-tall one of a kind designer dolls, each dressed in an haute couture look from the design house archives. The couture ateliers recreated the dolls at 30 Avenue Montaigne. Included are several male dancing partners intermixed within the displays dressed in Dior Homme.

Actress and face of Dior Marion Cotillard, accompanied by the President and Director General Paolo de Cesare and Chief Executive Officer of Dior SidneyToledano stand in front of one of the eleven holiday window displays that debuted November 9. *Photo Credit: Zimbio

The designs run the gamut of Dior looks from the classic ‘Bar’ jacket, to Simons’ début collection designed for the house and the beloved John Galliano and his flower-shop gown that made waves in Fall 2010. The animated dolls that are displayed are not for sale to the public. No need to get too upset there is aside from the custom dolls lots of other Dior products to go crazy over. Dior has produced a small selection of products exclusive to the store including a limited edition Advent calendar and a seasonal Dior globe. All Printemps customers will receive a CHIC shopping bag with a motif designed exclusively by the famous Parisian designer. The completion of the windows was unveiled November 9, by the face of Dior and actress Marion Cotillard. We have to say we think it is an amazing dream world of glamour that lets your imagination run wild! This just gives us one more reason to love the holidays and Dior!!


Dior has designed custom pieces for sale exclusively for Printemps department store, including this CHIC Dior Globe! *Photo Credit: Style


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  1. Learning of these Dior Poupettes, I have been absolutely mesmerized by the entire presentation. Thank you for including information about the Dior couture atelier creating the ensembles for these small, chic ladies.

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