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When asked to describe herself, Daphne Wayans will tell you she’s her children’s mom – their happiness her calling, their well-being her mission, their pain her own, and their love her life. Her focus on family is impossible to overstate and immeasurably unyielding. She is a mother. And she wouldn’t have it any other way. As the ex-wife of Hollywood mogul Keenen Ivory Wayans, and close-knit friend for over 20 years of Nicole Murphy (ex-wife of Eddie Murphy) and Sheree Fletcher (ex-wife of Will Smith), Daphne is a natural fit for the season-2 cast of  VH1’s “Hollywood Exes.”

I caught-up with Daphne to get her opinion about the show, the natural hair movement, and how she maintains her youthful glow.

Mz Mahogany: In September, VH1 announced you would be joining the cast of Hollywood Exes as one the newest cast members for season 2. How did you land the spot? 

Daphne: I was one of the original cast members when they pitched the show. We all went to pitch to about eight networks. In the end, I turned it down because I had cold feet. I wasn’t interested in losing my anonymity. I worked so hard to maintain a secret and quiet life. I also didn’t like the reputation reality TV was getting at the time.

Mz Mahogany: What finally changed your mind?

Daphne: I changed my mind because I didn’t like how friendships were being portrayed on reality TV. I haven’t watched too many shows, but I know enough. It seems so fake. I’ve been friends with Sheree and Nicole for two decades. I think of them as sisters.

Mz Mahogany: Do you think your relationships with them will change on reality TV?

Daphne: Not at all. If anything, we will create stronger bonds.

Daphne Wayans QuoteMz Mahogany: In case our readers didn’t know, you are the ex of Keenen Ivory Wayans. Did he have any reservations about you doing the show?

Daphne: I think we all have reservations. Your mouth is the script and the edit button. It took me a whole season to realize that.

Mz Mahogany: How is your relationship with him now?

Daphne: He’s my best friend, my baby-daddy, my ex-husband and neighbor! He’s lives about 5 houses down. We have a great relationship.

Daphne Wayans

Mz Mahogany: Do you think you will re-marry?

Daphne: Oh yes! I definitely want to get married again.

Mz Mahogany: In a perfect world, where you can pick and choose, which celebrity would you date?

Daphne: I don’t know. But who’s to say it will be a celebrity? Maybe an artist. Can you believe I don’t own a TV?

Mz Mahogany: No TV? How do you live?

Daphne: I haven’t had the need for one.

Mz Mahogany: Very interesting, I don’t know what I would do without it. When the show airs do you think you will tune in to watch?

Daphne: Probably not. You know once it’s done, it’s done.

Mz Mahogany: Will there be any surprises about you on the show?

Daphne: I think everything is a surprise. No one really knows me. So I think people will get to see me on the show.

Mz Mahogany: What were you doing career wise before filming Hollywood Exes?

Daphne: I was a “career wife/mom.” I’ve always wanted to be a mom. I know some may frown upon it, but that’s what I’ve always done. I love being a mom to my children.

Mz Mahogany: Are you nervous to work for the first time?

Daphne: Well, I’m cheating. This is more like hanging with my friends all day. Sure, there’s the business aspect of it, being certain places on time and deadlines, but it’s fun.

Daphne Wayans

Mz Mahogany: Mz Mahogany: Is this a stepping-stone into an acting career?

Daphne: I haven’t thought about it. I want to do something that changes lives. I guess acting is a possibility.

Mz Mahogany: Ok so lets talk beauty and hair…

Daphne: This is embarrassing; I don’t spend a lot of time pampering myself. I spend about 20-30 minutes on me. I don’t want to spend time thinking about my hair. Having kids and being a mom leaves so little time for me. I used to have long, poodle hair. I cut it off the day after I got married.

Mz Mahogany: Is your hair permed or natural?

Daphne: I am natural. I’ve always been natural, even when it was long.

Mz Mahogany: What are you putting in your hair to keep it curly, shiny, and healthy?

Daphne: I use a hair butter from Carols Daughter and I also use KeraCare. I just use a dime size and I’m done in minutes. Just wash and go.

Mz Mahogany: How do you deal with wet hair in the winter months being you are a Wash N’ Go gal?

Daphne: Well, it’s not really cold in L.A., and short hair doesn’t take too long to dry.

Daphne Wayans Quote

Mz Mahogany: Do you encourage your daughters to be natural or was that their decision?

Daphne: My daughters are natural, but use a flat iron. I’m so confused sometimes of what people consider natural. But I tell them “You are not your hair; you are the same person whether your hair is short, long, curly or straight”. Jada Pinkett Smith is one of my good friends and I was just talking to her today. We were talking about how Willow gets so much attention because of her hair. It’s just hair! When she died it green – I wasn’t expecting that – but again, that it is just her embracing her hair and showing her creativity.

Mz Mahogany: Would you have the same reaction with your kids?

Daphne: Sure. I encourage them to be themselves.

Mz Mahogany: What products are you using on your face?

Daphne: I use Dr. Bronner’s soap and baking soda. I take the soap and mix it with the baking soda and it serves as an exfoliate. I don’t have the need to wear much makeup. I’m a natural person by heart. I use plant-based perfumes. There’s something about the chemicals in perfumes that drive me crazy.

Mz Mahogany: Now that you are filming, I’m sure your wearing more make-up than you usually do. Have you noticed any breakouts?

Daphne: I haven’t actually. I’ve used Yes To Cucumber facial wipes, which helps wipe the makeup off.

Mz Mahogany: Having a well balanced diet contributes to healthy skin. Can you tell me about your diet?

Daphne: I eat macrobiotic and vegan. For the most part, I eat a vegetarian diet. I don’t eat animal because I just don’t like it. It’s not for me, taste-wise. I pretty much try to maintain a plant-based diet.

Mz Mahogany: What’s your beauty secret?

Daphne: It’s going to sound really corny. Good Loving! I know you want me to tell you something topical you put on, but I really think good loving is it. Plus, like I said, I’m a natural person by heart. If you can squeeze a flower and get the scent out of it, I would use it. I love aromatherapy. Is that a beauty secret?

Mz Mahogany: It sure is!

Daphne: Well then, today I’m wearing geranium, it’s great for the adrenal glands. I wore lavender yesterday; it’s great for the immune system and increases T-cells. Everyone feels healthy when I’m around. Laughing is also another beauty secret. I was raised by comedians, so I’m proud of my laugh lines. I use sea-salt toothpaste and most herbal things that are great for the mouth.

Mz Mahogany: Wow, you are natural all-around!

Daphne: I know, it’s so corny. I don’t know what’s at the beauty counter because I’m not a mall girl.

Mz Mahogany: Speaking of the mall, what’s your take on fashion? Any favorite designers?

Daphne: I was thinking about over consumerism and how we run out and get new stuff all the time. I ran into this lady who told me she gets recycled clothes, but I will admit, that’s my weakness. I am addicted to the fashion magazines. I love snake print fashion. I actually just got one.

Mz Mahogany: A live snake?

Daphne: Yes. She’s cute.

Daphne Wayans

Mz Mahogany: Before we wrap up, Can you tell me if you are sponsoring any charities?

Daphne: I’m on the board of the New Village Learning Academy. The New Village Leadership Academy is dedicated to the cultivation of powerful, self-educating leaders – men and women of virtue, wisdom and courage. I love it so much and it makes me so happy. I try to support charities that I love.

Thanks for the interview :)


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