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As New York Fashion Week Fall 2013 came to an end, Couture Fashion Week in New York kicked off. The shows ran from Friday February 15th-17th and Mz Mahogany Chic was front row center!

Since 2003 Andres Aquino, designer and Couture Fashion Week’s founder, has collaborated with designers from all over the world to put this show together. Aquino’s Fall 2013 womenswear collection, entitled “The First Lady Collection,” showcased elegance and glamour reminiscent of First Ladies past and present. The exquisite fabrics used in this collection were from Mood, the largest and most popular fabric store in the New York City area.

Makeup by Lancome for Catalin Botezatu

Makeup by Lancome for Catalin Botezatu

Couture Fashion Week debuted its 17th season at the newly renovated New Yorker Hotel for the first time. The shows used to be held at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Manhattan. The 19 designers who presented at this season’s Couture Fashion Week came from USA all the way to South Africa. The list included designers Olivia Tarpey, Pearl Naidoo, Marlene Haute Couture, Allex Kangala, Janerations, Marisol Henriquez, Ruby Johnson, Amal Sarieddine, Katya Zol, Tyrell Collection, Lourdes Atencio, Catalin Botezatu, Kostas Luxury, Sinead Fachelli, Laila Wazna, Loula Loi Alafoyiannis, Andres Aquino, Kristin Costa and Ariel Cedeno.

Elie Esper Salon was the official hair stylist for Couture Fashion Week with makeup done exclusively by Lancôme. Performances ranged from opera singers, pop performers, dancers and a stellar group performance of “Seasons of Love” from Broadway Singers in support of “Broadway Sings for Pride.”

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